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The North Wind

The North Wind

The North Wind

The Organization for Outdoor Recreation Professionals (OORP) presents a lecture series showcasing epic outdoor stories, small business owners and unique journeys of some local Marquette adventurers. 
Photo by Cole Stefl

‘Local Badass Series’ features Four the Water

Cole Stefl November 29, 2018

Older men with grey beards donning Stormy Kromers sat alongside NMU students also wearing the classic yooper hat, all to hear about the 102-day kayaking circumnavigation of Lake Superior. At the Ore Dock...

For NMU photographers, shooting the Northern Lights is a rite of passage. Whether you have a film or a DSLR camera, knowing what settings and gear to have is half the battle for capturing the elusive Aurora. 
Photo courtesy of Lake Superior Photo

How-to: photograph the Northern Lights

Cole Stefl November 29, 2018

Earthly phenomenons are a landscape photographer’s moment to cherish, admire and capture. As the days wind down and nights grow long, spotting a dancing Aurora Borealis becomes less of a dream and more...

For the past 18 years, the Native American Student Association (NASA) has hosted the FNFT during Native 
American heritage month, preparing traditional recipes with local pre-colonial ingredients for the community.
Photo by Cole Stefl

FNFT educates with cultural eats

Cole Stefl November 15, 2018

Red Cliff Native American Frank Montano, 77, a folk musician since the age of six, was first contacted 10 years ago to play the flute at the eighth annual First Nations Food Taster (FNFT). In 2008,...

First discovered on a beach in Sault Ste. Marie in July of 2017, Erik Rintamaki coined the intrusive magmatic rock with the name “Yooperlites” after discovering the rock glows orange like molten lava through cracks in an egg, when shined with ultraviolet (UV) light. 
Photo courtesy of Erik Rintamaki

Local man discovers new rock: Yooperlites

Cole Stefl November 15, 2018

For the rockhound Erik Rintamaki, the U.P. has been the place to hunt rocks ever since his dad brought him to the beach, only a few weeks old, to collect his first rock. Rintamaki watched the...

Students serve community members traditional and modern indigenous food at last years event.

First Nations Food Taster fills plates

Cole Stefl November 1, 2018

Skinning squash and prepping bison with cranberries for stew, NAS 207: Seasonal Exploration Anishinaabe Language class members and 160 volunteers spent time in the Jacobetti culinary kitchen, collectively...

Superior Culture makes drinks. Living drinks.

Superior Culture makes drinks. Living drinks.

Cole Stefl October 18, 2018

Marquette welcomes first-ever kombucha shop to the area Alex Rowland lays in bed at night above his business, thinking about the thousands of micro-colonies living below him in his eight, 55- gallon...

The Fresh Coast Film Festival is the first of it’s kind: a documentary film festival celebrating the outdoor lifestyle, water-rich environment and resilient spirit of the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest. Films will be shown at venues in each corner of Marquette, including Black Rocks Brewing Co., the Ore Dock Brewing Co., the Delft Bistro, Masonic Building, Kaufman Auditorium, Graveraet Cafe and other locations. Seven outdoor tours are also offered.
Photo courtesy of the Fresh Coast Film Festival

Fresh films, fresh air, fresh perspectives

Cole Stefl October 11, 2018

Looking out the woody wagon window to the snow-swept British Columbia landscape, a young boy gazes in amazement as he daydreams of his skiing fantasy. In the daydream, pro-skier Tom Wallisch shreds urban...

Photo courtesy of

Mac Miller’s tragedy, In his own words:

Cole Stefl September 20, 2018

Malcolm James McCormick, 26, died on Sept. 8 from an overdose in California four days after his album “Swimming” was released. Professionally known as Mac Miller, releasing five studio albums, one...

Phil Watts climbs at Phil’s Hill in Marquette, which became his namesake after 40 years of dedicated climbing on rocks, ice and snow in the Upper Peninsula and 
beyond. This local climbing spot remains Watt’s favorite. Information for Phil’s Hill can be found on Mountain Project, a climbing online guidebook and  app. 
Photo courtesy of Phil Watts

Climbing? Climb on! Story time? Tell on!

Cole Stefl September 20, 2018

While ascending Devils Tower in Wyoming, Phil Watts and former NMU graduate student shuffled over the laccolithic butte, placing their chalky hands precisely in the square corner-cut cracks and smearing...

Photo courtesy of NMU Sailing

The Superior Sailors

Cole Stefl September 13, 2018

The breeze picks up as the sun peeks through the clouds and two sailboats cut through the aqua–colored waves on Lake Superior at Lower Harbor. The two sets of sailors simultaneously shift their weight...

Four the Water

The Water Protecting Paddlers

Cole Stefl September 6, 2018

Four the Water, a Marquette kayaking activist group, circumnavigated the world’s largest freshwater lake to raise awareness of the growing human impacts on Lake Superior. One minute on the expedition,...

Seniors stay active with stretch and strength program

Cole Stefl November 2, 2016

Twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, both male and female senior citizens make their way down dimly lit basement steps at the First Presbyterian Church to be greeted by Brandon Jones, a current...

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