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The North Wind

The North Wind

Singularity isn’t inadequate

Emma Tembreull March 23, 2017

Nearly five years ago I began my journey through academia and the break-up with my son, Ayden’s, father shortly followed. Living in Marquette and continuing my educational efforts has proven to be a...

There is a brighter side to the winter season

Emma Tembreull January 19, 2017

The end of January is nearing. The Christmas season and holidays have passed. Resolutions have been made and we’re all falling back into more structured routines. It’s about that time of year when...

Tapping into parasites

Emma Tembreull November 16, 2016

Students, professors and community members alike packed themselves snug in the warmly lit community space of The Ore Dock Brewing Co. on Thursday, Nov. 10 to listen to NMU biology department’s Kurt Galbreath...

Pilates leaves boredom on the treadmill

Emma Tembreull October 12, 2016

Tucked in the Watermarq Suites kiddy-corner from Getz’s on Front Street, Bird On A Perch Pilates Studio offers a unique and rewarding workout experience for any age or body-type. Pilates is a series...

Risk vs. reward: traveling solo

Emma Tembreull October 12, 2016

My first draft of this piece came fresh off a red-eye flight from Los Angeles after a wedding I worked in Malibu, California. The day prior, I was photographing in Sedona and eating acai bowls in Chandler,...

Working yourself to death is no way to get through school

Emma Tembreull September 14, 2016

Another black cup of coffee goes down as the second hand sweeps past midnight too quickly, and I feel the deep purple circles scribble into black beneath my eyes. Simply the credit load of a college...

Single motherhood is far from an inhibition

Emma Tembreull June 1, 2016

“You’re pregnant.” I never imagined hearing such a phrase one day shy of my 18th birthday, two days before senior prom, and only three months away from my first semester of college. Yet, young...

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