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The North Wind

The North Wind

‘Sexting’ is damaging our sex lives

Katie Mara February 10, 2011

Originally considered the most impersonal approach to communication, telephone conversations have been dethroned as the most detached method of communication by the invention of texting. Since many know...

Comprehensive sex education needed

Katie Mara January 27, 2011

Fictionalized characters, often in television or film, learn how to practice safe sex in class by slipping condoms over bananas. In actual sex education, condoms never make their way into the classroom,...

Fast food is like sex: cheap and easy

Katie Mara January 13, 2011

Fun to enjoy in the car, and even better with condiments (or condoms and mints), the comparable concepts of fast food and “friends with benefits” (F.W.B.) have become the new craze for young people....

Alumna battles illness, writes memoir

Katie Mara September 30, 2010

Often, stereotypes of the mentally ill imply that their diseases interfere with their success, but NMU alumna Faye Joy Shannon halts these rumors with her published book, “Manic by Midnight.” Published...

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