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Labor director talks about Michigan jobs

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney October 4, 2007
North Wind Staffer Kyle Whitney sat down with Keith Cooley, director of Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Growth (DLEG), to discuss the future of Michigan's economy. The No Worker Left Behind initiative helps displaced workers with financial assistance for specialized training in different job fields.

‘Cats host race at Marquette Mountain

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney September 20, 2007
The NMU cycling club team, along with riders from six other universities, flocked to Marquette Mountain this past weekend as the Wildcats hosted their first home event in the club's history. After the two-day mountain biking competition concluded, the Northern team, which began in the winter of 2006, had posted an impressive finish.

Where are they now: former Wildcat lineman Rob Boss

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney September 13, 2007
From professional head coaches to Olympic gold medalists and champions in their respective fields, a fair share of notable sports figures have spent time at Northern Michigan University. Many of those alumni are now pursuing their dreams beyond the collegiate level.

Q-and-A: NMU Athletic Director Ken Godfrey

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney September 6, 2007
Northern Michigan University Athletic Director Ken Godfrey has been busy lately, hiring a new coach for the NMU swimming and diving program and concerning himself with the future of the PEIF pool. NorthWind Sports Editor Kyle Whitney recently sat down with Godfrey for an interview.

Q-and-A: former NMU swim coach Jon Wilson

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney September 6, 2007
A month after resigning from his position as the head coach of the NMU swimming and diving program, Jon Wilson was packing up the contents of his house on Sept. 1 when NorthWind Sports Editor Kyle Whitney sat down with him for an interview.

COLUMN: historic upset not so historic after all

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney September 6, 2007
All-time upset. Those two words grace the cover of the latest issue of "Sports Illustrated," and are plastered over a photo of Appalachian State senior wide receiver Dexter Jackson on his way to the end zone during the Mountaineer's recent game against the University of Michigan.

NMU football drops season opener

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney September 6, 2007
The NMU football team-on the road for the 2007 season opener against the Indianapolis Greyhounds-failed to convert on a two-point conversion in the final minute of Saturday's game, coming just two points short in a heart-wrenching 24-22 loss.

Moving forward while staying focused

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney September 6, 2007
As the Northern Michigan swimming and diving team prepares for the 2007 season, they must also attempt to adapt to a new coach and a fresh system after former coach Jon Wilson resigned over the summer.

COLUMN: Can NMU football rise above the rest?

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney August 30, 2007
Despite a less than stellar immediate past, NMU football may be the team to watch during the upcoming season.

Football prepares for 2007 season

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney August 30, 2007
As college classes resume, temperatures begin to slowly tumble and leaves start to change their colors, the smell of fall lingers in the air. The scent in the NMU Wildcat football locker room, however, is something completely different. It is the smell of anticipation for the long-awaited 2007 football season.

Wildcat superstar skates toward national accolades during ’07 season

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney June 8, 2007
On the frosty and secluded shores of Lake Superior, Marquette annually experiences long winters and even longer hockey seasons. But this season, in the quiet town where college hockey never truly stops, one player is flying high and staying just below the radar.

Pipe dream: Can the pool be saved?

kyle.whitney and kyle.whitney June 8, 2007
Over the course of the year, numerous people submerge themselves in the chlorinated waters of the Northern Michigan University swimming pool. From all-age swim classes to a senior exercise program, the pool is a common gathering point for several varied groups of people.
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