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The North Wind

The North Wind

Forecast bright for summer movies

matt.woodward and matt.woodward April 26, 2007
The summer season of cinema is almost upon us. This is the year of the three-quel, as four highly-popular franchises are going for the cinematic hat trick while two are pushing their fourth and fifth films. But don't count out the non-sequels, including a heartfelt comedy from a familiar motley crew of funny men and women.

‘Disturbia’ wastes its actors’ abilities

matt.woodward and matt.woodward April 19, 2007
When making a movie that's completely devoid of any sort of original creative thought, it helps if it's at least a competent thriller with a talented cast to anchor it. This is the lesson director D.J. Caruso ("Two For The Money") I hope learned with his most recent cinematic offering, "Disturbia.

First ‘Grindhouse’ film does the job

matt.woodward and matt.woodward April 12, 2007
Quentin Tarantino brings his trademark vision for bombastic action into "Death Proof," his contribution to the horror movie double feature now in theaters titled "Grindhouse." Kurt Russell and the bevy of beauties Tarantino cast highlight this flick. Stuntman Mike (Russell) has modified his car to be completely 100 percent death proof -- but only if you're sitting in the driver's seat.

‘Planet Terror’ actors, visuals solid

matt.woodward and matt.woodward April 12, 2007
In "Planet Terror," director Robert Rodriguez pays homage to the "B" horror flicks of the '70s filled with gore, sex, violence and enough stars to make fanboys and casual admirers take notice and give the film the proper credit it deserves. Bio-chemical engineer Abby (Naveen Andrews) double crosses Lt.
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