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The North Wind

The North Wind

Craft Beer Week generates buzz, with more to chase at upcoming Beer Fest

Rachel Wood September 7, 2017

Marquette has been hop-in’ for Craft Beer Week as beer lovers look forward to and prepare their stomachs to imbibe more brews at Beer Fest this weekend. Marquette’s ninth annual U.P. Fall Beer Festival...

Double Trouble to drop the ball

Rachel Wood November 30, 2016

Each year Marquette’s Front Street is clouded by the warm breath of crowds of people braving the brisk Upper Peninsula winter to celebrate the crossover to a new year. Hot chocolate is splashed on...

Classic tales find a comedic twist

Rachel Wood November 9, 2016

“You come here often?” asked the prince, nudging Rapunzel over to make room for himself to sit down next to her in her tower. “Hey there, hot stuff,” a different prince swoons over a woman he...

Dismantling the ties of meat and masculinity

Rachel Wood November 2, 2016

“No great story ever started with someone eating a salad,” read a poster on the wall of a steakhouse. “Eat like a man,” blurted a sticker stamped onto the window of a restaurant boasting about...

Take a haunting stroll through the Presque Isle bog

Rachel Wood October 19, 2016

The hum of aquarium filters reverberated within the walls of the small building located behind the concession stand on Presque Isle. Kids from a 4-H group bustled around tanks of frogs and turtles, reading...

Second City leaves you wanting seconds

Rachel Wood October 5, 2016

Shoulders shaking from laughter nudged those in the seats next to them in the crowded auditorium. The room went dark in between scenes, giving the audience time to catch their breath and anticipate...

Get ghostly at the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center

Rachel Wood September 28, 2016

Mines and mills. Side by side, scattered around the white exhibit space are photos of towns across the Upper Peninsula. Images of functioning logging operations and busy people are contrasted by empty...

Sundre offers fresh, healthy option for students in LRC

Rachel Wood January 27, 2016

Business is booming for Sundre, NMU Dining Service’s newest addition—so much so that multiple products came close to selling out within Sundre’s first week of business. The response to the store...

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