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Week honors students

Robert Thomas April 10, 2014

Student-employees, such as sophomore illustration major Josh Swedlund who works as a videographer with NMU’s Communications office, provide many indispensable services that universities like NMU need...

Marketing unites students, Groove in common cause

Robert Thomas March 27, 2014

Many students cringe at group projects, especially when they’re picked at random. But for students of first-year NMU instructor Dipankar Rai’s MKT 432 Advertising and Sales Promotion class,...

Finnish folk rockers hit stage near you

Robert Thomas March 20, 2014

Finnish folk rockers Markus Nordenstreng and Tuomo Prättälä (known as Tuomo and Markus)didn’t meet while performing the Schlager (popular traditional, easy-listening music from Central and Northern...

Marquette theater to be renovated

Robert Thomas February 27, 2014

After nearly 20 months of darkness, a downtown landmark is being restored, transforming the soon-to-be 100-year-old Delft Theater into a state-of-the-art 250-seat restaurant and dinner theater. With...

Can you say Noquemanon?

Robert Thomas January 23, 2014

While some places are winding down for snowy hibernation, Marquette is exploding with activity as the winter sports season starts to peak. On Friday, Jan. 24, nearly 1,300 racers from across the...

Best in the Midwest: Marquette Mtn.

Robert Thomas November 14, 2013

Reserving outdoor sport only for the western peaks of the Rocky Mountains or the evergreen northern Appalachians in the east is a mistake. Overlooking the Midwest as simply a large, flat agricultural expanse...

Job Fair improves student prospects

Robert Thomas October 3, 2013

For students looking to land that grown-up job or internship, make some professional contacts, practice interview skills or just get some exposure to their field, NMU’s Fall Job Fair could be a critical...

TSA policy change harmless

Robert Thomas March 28, 2013

The Sept. 11 attacks ushered in an era of drastic change in the manner in which Americans travel. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) soon became the frequent flyer’s worst nightmare...

Jihad, terror in English translation

Robert Thomas February 14, 2013

Any given word is followed by certain connotative definitions that are often more powerful than the denotative meaning. Associations provide the basis for the ideas, opinions and emotions that a word...

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