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Vitamin D levels should be maintained

robin.rahoi April 1, 2010

Lately, the public has been receiving information about vitamin D and its connection to health. Researchers and policymakers agree that the Recommended daily allowance for vitamin D needs to be reassessed,...

Eating better may lead to a healthier heart

robin.rahoi March 18, 2010

We often read about how eating certain foods are good for our heart. Have you ever really thought about the role that food plays in maintaining a healthy heart?  The heart is a large pump that is responsible...

Consuming some fats good for health

robin.rahoi February 25, 2010

Most foods contain a mixture of fats and the idea is to strike a balance between them. According to the American Dietetic Association, Americans consume close to 40 percent of their calories from fat....

Resolving your 2010 nutritional goals

robin.rahoi January 14, 2010
As Northern Michigan University ushers in a new year and a new semester, it is time to reflect on behavior changes that have a positive effect on our health. As a registered dietitian, working within Dining Services, on NMU’s campus, I will be providing information about food and how proper nutrition plays a role in...
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