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King’s crime novel ‘Blaze’ unfulfilling

steve.puroll and steve.puroll September 12, 2007
When Stephen King announced that "Blaze" would be published this summer, nobody was happier than I was. I knew that "Blaze" was a novel from an earlier era-that it was, in fact, one of King's first, written before even "Carrie" hit the shelves-but this fact excited rather than deterred me.

Grad fee covers diploma cost

steve.puroll and steve.puroll April 25, 2007
NMU students who've paid for and completed all their classes will have one more charge before they leave Northern -- a $15 graduation fee. "It's like buying a car and hearing that all you have to do is buy a $15 key and you're all set," said Adam Covert, a senior construction management major.

New, simpler FAFSA form to be unveiled

steve.puroll and steve.puroll April 18, 2007
After the tax forms, the phone calls home to his mom and dad and the long hours of paper work, NMU freshman Dan Moore thought he'd be getting his financial aid. What he got instead was a long wait, and more frustration. "Right now I'm still waiting on [a FAFSA form] to be processed that I turned in a month ago," Moore said.
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