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CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT — NMU announced it will receive state funding for the Northern Enterprise Center. This graphic is based on renderings posted by the university with their original announcement for the project.

Editorial — Construction of the Northern Enterprise Center

North Wind Editorial Board February 20, 2024

In the last few years, NMU has been making renovations to its campus to increase student success and bring in more prospective students who share similar values of having energy-efficient, program-specific...

A beautiful location

Heritage Center holding exhibit on history of NMU architecture

August 27, 2021
Through photos, maps, architectural diagrams and artifacts, students can learn about pieces of the campus which no longer exist, including Kaye Hall, and about the significance of structures which are still present, such as Harden Hall.
Photo by Noah Hausmann: The NMU Public Safety & Police Services currently houses about 250 shotguns, rifles and handguns and about 30 bows for student firearm owners.

Campus policy to remain despite new legislation

Von Lanier and Noah Hausmann November 30, 2017

Public safety officers and NMU officials do not think the university’s firearm policy will have to change due to three bills recently passed by the Michigan Senate that would legalize concealed carrying...

Candidates emphasize campus transparency

Amanda Monthei March 28, 2013

The three ASNMU presidential candidates have been addressing past issues, establishing goals for the future and finding ways to relay those goals to students in preparation for the ASNMU elections, which...

NMU-Confessions results in controversy on campus

Louis Justman February 28, 2013

The anonymous student revelations littering the wall of the “NMU-Confessions” Facebook page have drawn more than 3,800 likes since the page’s creation on Tuesday, Feb. 12, along with criticism for...

Campus unified by community

Jon Young December 6, 2012

When I first made the trip to Marquette five years ago, leaving home seemed like a daunting challenge. As scary as it seemed at first, my fears were soon washed away by the sense of community in both...

Organizations educate students

NW Staff December 6, 2012

Saturday, Dec. 1, was World AIDS Day, and thanks to the efforts of the Health Promotions Office, OUTlook, Latino Student Union and Black Student Union, students were provided with a myriad of opportunities...

Students prepare for U.P. winter weather

Adele Herman November 29, 2012

As snow blankets a great portion of the Midwest, students need to be prepared to stay safe through another long winter. For students who are new to U.P. winters, knowing how to prepare for the cold...

Join on-campus organizations

Braden Linick November 8, 2012

While many students concern themselves with enduring a four-day week of classes just to make it out on Thursday night for some drinks with friends, they miss the reason why students go to college in the...

Campus debate offers voter information

Hannah Fermanich October 25, 2012

Before heading to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, NMU’s Students for Liberty invites everyone to come learn more about the candidates and the top issues affecting the country at the Campus Debate on Tuesday,...

Bicycle safety important throughout semester

Kaitlyn Doane September 20, 2012

Whether you live on or off campus, it is important to know proper riding etiquette on the roads for the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The weather is still warm and many students are taking...

Look before you lease

Jon Young September 20, 2012

Living off campus is an opportunity that every college student should experience. It provides a glance into what the rest of your life could be like in regards to housing. You learn how to cook, clean,...

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