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The North Wind

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Letter to the Editor—Don’t mythologize Columbus

DeForest Dalbec October 29, 2020
We should not have a “Columbus Day;” the whole idea of it was contrived on mythology, some historical inaccuracy and speculative mind-reading of a historical figure. I’m principally concerned with not repeating these mistakes, and wish to recover what we can from the mythologies of Columbus-haters and Columbus-lovers, both of which are addressing only a phantom of a man whose entire identity, let alone motives, are lost to time. Here I try to dispel some phantoms.
Columbus Statue

Columbus doesn’t deserve a day of celebration

Justin Van't Hof October 12, 2020

Growing up, I remember learning in Elementary school that in 1492 Christopher Columbus was an explorer who sailed the Atlantic ocean and discovered the Americas. In my history book, he was painted as...

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