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The North Wind

The North Wind

The North Wind

20 SIDED DIE — My dice set for D&D, including the frequently used d20. Losing sets of dice has become a regular habit for me, as this is the third Ive bought.

Opinion — Tabletop RPGs: The nerdy poker night in college

Harry Stine November 1, 2023

The other week, I was at Iron Golem Games with a friend of mine, where I picked up a rulebook for a tabletop RPG called Mork Borg. Flipping through it, the rulebook looked like a death metal album cover...

READING - Me, hooked on a chapter of Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin has quickly become one of my favorite authors over the past few months.

Opinion — My dark descent into nerd status

Harry Stine March 14, 2023

It was the first Sunday of last November. I was sitting on my couch with my laptop on a Zoom call, eating a turkey burger with waffle fries from Vango’s. Three of my friends were on the call, all of...


Get drunk on D&D

DeForest Dalbec January 30, 2020

Alcohol is rife with hazards. Drinking alone is a well-known sign of a problem, and heavy-drinking is the cause of several crippling diseases. It’s a sad truth that more than half of alcohol sales are...

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