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Editorial—COVID-19 rates in Marquette concerning

Editorial—COVID-19 rates in Marquette concerning

North Wind Staff September 30, 2021
If there’s any hope of convincing a campus community that’s become tired of the constant reminders and pleas for caution, we would like to try. Please, make it a personal goal to continue to wear your mask correctly, even in the grocery store or in social gatherings. Don’t go to class if you feel ill. Again, COVID-19 is still here. We’ve talked about it enough, we know how to combat it. At this point, a year and a half later, it’s just a matter of discipline.
Editorial—We support the Pride Rock housing initiative

Editorial—We support the Pride Rock housing initiative

North Wind Staff September 22, 2021
For many students coming to NMU as members of the LGBTQ+ community, finding comfortable housing is an ordeal. Now, as of Sept. 20 the Pride Rock proposal has been submitted to NMU administration, and it details plans for an LGBTQ+ priority house in the dorms which would significantly reduce housing-related stress for many queer students.
Editorial—Housing and parking experiencing growing pains

Editorial—Housing and parking experiencing growing pains

North Wind Staff September 16, 2021
As we settle into the semester, a few changes have become noticeable on campus. Perhaps foremost are the full dorms and parking lots. While we’re pleased for the university that more parking passes and housing contracts were purchased this year than last, thus bringing in greater revenue, the sudden growth from the emptiness of COVID-19 also causes some discomfort.
Editorial—Slut Walk is for everyone who wants to end victim blaming

Editorial—Slut Walk is for everyone who wants to end victim blaming

North Wind Staff September 9, 2021
A movement which was begun after a Toronto police officer told young women they “should avoid dressing like sluts” to prevent sexual assault, the Slut Walk continues to be relevant in 2021.
Editorial—We stand behind faculty on contract dispute

Editorial—We stand behind faculty on contract dispute

North Wind Staff August 31, 2021
If faculty choose to go on strike to secure a reasonable contract, NMU students must support them. We at the North Wind hope our instructors succeed in teaching administration a lesson.
Athletes at all levels, whether students or Olympians, struggle with their wellbeing just like everyone else.

Editorial—Athletes and mental health: even our heroes are human

North Wind Staff August 26, 2021
We view athletes as heroes and idols, even statues representing our values as a collective. And perhaps that goes for anyone in the spotlight: we see them on a pedestal and forget they are just people. But they still have a life. They’re not invincible; they do the same things everyone else does. 
vaccination card

Editorial—Mandatory vaccination a possible way forward in coming year

North Wind Staff April 22, 2021

With universities increasingly requiring vaccination from COVID-19 as a prerequisite for attendance at the institution, NMU will have to make a decision regarding this policy.  So far, Cornell,...

voting online

Editorial—ASNMU election needed more outreach, more transparency

North Wind Staff April 15, 2021

Associated Students of NMU, the student government responsible for representing the student body in policy decisions affecting the university, held an online election from Monday, April 5 through Wednesday,...

no distance

Editorial—With COVID-19 cases up, don’t let the weather lower your precautions

North Wind Staff April 7, 2021

As the weather is warming, and people start feeling the freedom to go out in short sleeves, hammock on campus and gather with friends, it is especially important to remain conscious of COVID-19 safety. Marquette...

time passing

Editorial—A year into COVID-19, so much has changed

North Wind Staff March 25, 2021

On March 10, NMU administration sent out an email recognizing the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic’s presence here, which began with the first confirmed case in Michigan. Since the pandemic...


Editorial—Racism against Asians and people of Asian descent: we must stop the hate

North Wind Staff March 17, 2021

Eight people were killed in a shooting on Tuesday, March 16 in two spas in Atlanta. Six of the victims were Asian women, sparking widespread concern about the frequency of hate crimes directed towards...

A graphic of a frozen air turbine.

Editorial—Renewable energy not to blame for power failures

North Wind Staff March 11, 2021

Following the disastrous power outages experienced by Texas residents in mid-February, a national conversation highlighted the blame placed on renewable energy for the failure of the Texas power grid....

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