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The North Wind

Eli Saylor gives advice on how they won an  NMU english award.

Past participant gives advice on NMU’s English Awards contest

Antonio Anderson January 31, 2024

As English majors, some strive to earn money for their writing and recognition for its quality. Those are both obtainable if one were to win one of NMU's Annual Writing Contests. Though the contests are...

Pile of books

Opinion—Long essays in college are simply silly

Jesse Wiederhold November 17, 2020
This semester, I feel that all I have been doing is checking boxes and reading whack books to make my professors happy (except for two professors that I do love). However, this leaves me paying a good chunk of money just to be overloaded for one last ride on the rollercoaster that is college. Luckily, after this semester I get that diploma—assuming I get my work done. However, in the meantime I am just wondering why I have to do all this menial stuff.
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