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Opinion—Land over landfill: composting helps reduce food waste

Opinion—Land over landfill: composting helps reduce food waste

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor September 13, 2021
According to Feeding, nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted. At every stage in food production and distribution, unwanted and uneaten food is thrown away. This waste totals 108 billion pounds of food each year.
Sailing the Superior seas

Sailing the Superior seas

Peter Smedley June 4, 2021

Lake Superior is not quite an ocean, yet to many who have not experienced a Great Lake, it might appear as one. The lake is home to local swimmers, kayakers, surfers and sailors who all have learned to...

Sam Rush/NW

Community disconcerted over potential impacts of Granot Loma spaceport

Peter Smedley April 22, 2021

The U.P is often regarded as one of the few places untouched by industry in America. Home to many outdoor recreation experiences, an economy that thrives off of the environment and a school with a surplus...

Photo courtesy of Rachel Lefor
ECO AWARENESS— Pictured Heather Vivian (left), Charlie Arnold. At the Farmers Market, downtown Marquette in September, 2019. EcoReps set up a table to promote the organization.

EcoReps encourages sustainability on campus, in community

Rayna Sherbinow March 25, 2021

Last semester the Green Fund was implemented at NMU, comprising an optional $5 fee for students who are taking six or more credits. This money goes to EcoReps, an organization that promotes sustainability...

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Opinion—NFTs are killing the planet

Nicholas Conroy March 16, 2021

From the stock market to bitcoin, cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage these days but there is a lesser-known crypto-related element that has been creeping slowly toward prominence in the form of crypto...

sustainable actions

Opinion—Going green is a golden opportunity

John O’Bryan February 5, 2021

Northern Michigan University owes a debt of gratitude to Ryan Stock for his courageous open letter urging President Fritz Erickson to commit to a carbon neutral campus. While that commitment is extremely...

Photo Courtesy of Joe Lane

FOREST FORAGING-- Lane cuts away the roots of a harvest of mushrooms. He often uses his harvest in his home cooking, adding a natural and unique flavor.

Foraging for natural awareness

Peter Smedley February 4, 2021

The natural environment is often a central reason why students choose to attend NMU. With many sustainable and environmentally aware degrees, students who attend NMU are typically more aware of their...

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Opinion—You are what you eat

Maggie Duly January 21, 2021

By now you may be sick of people imposing their own lifestyle choices on you. Whether it be your friends, family or public figures like celebrities or influencers. I know I dislike when someone tries...

sustainability week schedule

Sustainability audit results to be revealed

Akasha Khalsa October 14, 2020

As part of NMU’s continuing Sustainability Week 2020, the theme of which is “Facing the Future,” the results of a recent sustainability audit of NMU will be revealed. The presentation of the findings...

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Editorial—Living sustainably as a student in 2020

North Wind Staff October 14, 2020

For many NMU students, an awareness of the natural world and appreciation for the environment was a factor in deciding where to study during college. In fact, for some, sustainable actions are a priority....

A view of Marquettes wilderness

Opinion—Be cautious of your impact while enjoying natural spaces

Aiden Popour September 14, 2020

One of the main things that drew me to NMU was all the natural beauty surrounding the city of Marquette. All within a couple miles away are Sugarloaf Mountain, beaches on Lake Superior, Dead River Falls...

BIENVENIDOS—As preparation for the Cuba course Professor Sarah Mittlefehldt visited to survey the area the class is intended to visit to ensure the educational experience would progress smoothly.

Students explore Cuba

Justin Van't Hof February 27, 2020

Cuba has long captivated the minds of those curious about its unique and colorful culture and its different political ideology. This spring break, a group of 10 NMU students co-led by Sarah Mittlefehldt,...

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