Letter to the Editor — How to get involved in environmental justice


Dallas Wiertella/NW

DIVEST – NMU students gathered around the wildcat statue during one of DivestNMU’s protests against the university’s continued investment in the fossil fuel industry.

Marley Wolff

Dear Editor, 

Oftentimes our young generations are told the world is in their hands. Though what do we do when the world placed in our hands is on fire in some regions and extreme droughts in others? When the world is so divided and resources are distributed so unevenly we do not recognize it as our own? What happens when this world we are told is ours is riddled with injustices and lacking serious climate action plans?

Coming together through these shared concerns and fighting for environmental justice is essential for the future health of our planet and ourselves. Beginning your work in environmental activism can seem overwhelming in a world filled with environmental injustices, but you are not alone and it is never too late to join the fight. Below are four easy ways to get involved in environmental justice advocacy.

1. It is vital to educate yourself on the environmental injustices your local community is facing. Understand the individuals affected and those perpetuating the injustices, listen and learn about the solutions those impacted want to see and stay up to date on local news.

2. Reach out to local environmental organizations and advocacy groups near you! Donate your time to learn about issues they are fighting for and events they may be hosting. Most of these organizations are looking for volunteers, fiscal donations or numbers at events and protests. Even spreading awareness about these grassroots organizations’ presences is a great way to dip your toes in activism.

3. Show up to your local city and county meetings to make your voice heard. Tell them what you want to see happen, contact local and state representatives and demand action on environmental issues and the injustices they are producing. Vote for candidates that are prioritizing environmental justice and policies that are promoting sustainability. Local government is very powerful and is a great place to go to encourage change within the community.

4. Lastly, take action in your own life! Engage in conversations with others about the importance of environmental justice, network with others with similar interests and passions towards activism and put justice at the forefront of your own actions. Individual changes like these can turn into collective action among many to better the surrounding community.

We are all in this together. The fight for environmental justice can be a daunting one but we are stronger together than we are apart. Whether it is attending an event, calling your local representatives or simply watching a documentary on the topic, we all have a part to play in creating a world we recognize and love. Let’s move towards a sustainable and just future hand in hand. 

Fight the good fight,

Marley Wolff, senior at NMU majoring in environmental studies and sustainability

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