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EYES LOCKED — Students have their eyes on the prize of cash winnings for the tournament. Photo courtesy of Ethan Vadnais

A comeback for the eSports club

Willow Rasch October 3, 2023

Tucked away in the Cybersecurity Lab in the back of the Lydia M. Olson library, the eSports club can be found every Wednesday at 7 p.m. holding a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. They play singles,...

GOING DARK — The NMU eSports lab in the basement of Harden Hall may be permanently shut down. The team was told they had to shut down operations on Thursday due to lack of financial revenue.

Athletic administration terminates eSports team

In 2020, NMU opened its eSports lab in the basement of Harden Hall outfitted with 30 gaming PCs and monitors, 13 Nintendo Switches and other gaming accessories. The goal was to create a thriving eSports...

GAME TIME - Ethan Vadnais and Edward Shifflett officiate the tournament going on in the NMU gaming room.

Esports builds connections within NMU gaming community

Nathan Kwapisz March 21, 2023

Esports can start from early connections to video games in childhood and blossom into a full-blown club or varsity sport in college. Esports allows players an escape and to make whatever Esports is to...

TIME TO PLAY THE GAME—Here is the brand new gaming setup for the NMU Esports team in Harden Hall. Now the wait is on from COVID-19 to when they can use it. Photo courtesy of Mark Kirkendall.

Esports prepping to start playing in its new home

Sadie Brink November 24, 2020

Earlier in the semester, the North wind published an article about the newly formed EA Sports team. After months of construction on their room being drawn out and prepared, the room is finally ready for...

Photo courtesy of NMU Esports Club

Esports: The newest team on campus

Sadie Brink September 22, 2020

Over the past year, NMU has added yet another team to its varsity athletics: Esports.  The Esports team started as a club that over time has gotten permission to start up an actual team and be...

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