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robot dog

Opinion—Robot dog highlights issues with police spending

Justin Van't Hof March 9, 2021
Recently, an article by the NY Post showcased the New York City Police Department’s new specialized surveillance robot. While it’s essential to keep everyone out of harm’s way, I worry that this technology will be used to survey the actions of people in low-income communities without their permission and are a waste of police budgets.
UP BY THE ROOT—A Lake to Lake CISMA volunteer holds up a clump of garlic mustard, an invasive species threatening to degrade the pristine natural setting around the Great Lakes region.

Organization fights invasive species

Akasha Khalsa January 16, 2020

The Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will provide $86,474 in funding to the Marquette conservation organization—Lake to Lake Cooperative Invasive...

Federal cuts impact campus media outlets

Sam Banks April 11, 2013

Employees and students who are involved with WNMU Public TV-13 and WNMU-FM Public Radio 90 are looking to reduce spending by a combined $44,000, a result of the federal sequestration budget cuts that went...

Students paying for school on own strive for a balance

Sam Banks February 21, 2013

For students who have little or no help from parents, scholarships or other funds that would otherwise assist in getting them through school, loans and full-time jobs become some of the only options for...

Obama and Romney argue funding

Marcellino Signorelli September 20, 2012

The funding for higher education takes a front seat in the concerns of many college students as they decide whom to vote for this November. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both vary on their stances and...

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