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Editorial — Best of The North Wind 22-23

Editorial — Best of The North Wind ’22-’23

North Wind Editorial Board April 26, 2023

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, The North Wind ends another year of publishing. In these final weeks of the 2022-2023 school year, we took some time to reflect on our favorite articles...

SECOND THOUGHTS — Me as I question whether or not choosing to pursue journalism was a good idea. While the field of journalism is wonderful in itself, it is definitely not for everyone.

Opinion — So, you want to be a journalist?

Hannah Jenkins February 20, 2023

I have been fascinated by the realm of journalism since my junior year of high school when I took a career prep class. In this class, we were tasked with making a presentation on the career of our choice....

Old North Wind Article written by Brian Rowell

Alumni Profile – Brian Rowell Reflects On NMU, Daily Press

Harry Stine, Assistant Features Editor September 9, 2022

Brian Rowell has been working a long time. Even before he started at The Daily Press, Escanaba’s local paper, 35 years ago, he already had his fair share of experience. But before any of that, he started...

TALKING DEMOCRACY—Gilad Halper addresses an interested crowd in the University Center on Monday Feb. 24, as part of the Center for Academic and Intellectual Freedom’s lecture series.

Israeli journalist discusses media solutions

Akasha Khalsa February 26, 2020

On Monday Feb. 24, the Center for Academic and Intellectual Freedom (CAIF) hosted a lecture by Israeli Journalist and Researcher Gilad Halper on the topic of “The Role of Media in Democratic Decline.”...

Creating a story versus reporting one

Jessica Parsons August 29, 2019

The English writing major is such a broad program. In fact, the English department is the largest on campus. Because of this, I’ve taken a variety of classes about writing and literature. These...

Reflecting on our experience in journalism

Reflecting on our experience in journalism

North Wind Staff April 24, 2019

As another NMU school year at The North Wind comes to an end, we reflect on not only the accomplishments we’re proud to share, but the memories we’ve made and the purpose we serve as a news organization. Every...

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