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NMU Homecoming Parade

Homecoming parade Friday takes place in new format

Jesse Wiederhold September 24, 2020

It’s that time of year again – homecoming. Football games are out of the question due to COVID-19, but events are still underway this week. Perhaps the most important of all is the NMU Homecoming...

A picture of the Carillon Towers with the plaque removed at Northern Michigan University.

Online petition calls for the rededication of NMU monument

Northern Michigan University officials removed a plaque on the Carillon Towers after an online petition calls for the monument to be rededicated. The petition, written by John Doe, an anonymous...

Northern can share MLK Jr.s dream

Northern can share MLK Jr.’s dream

North Wind Staff January 23, 2020

Jan. 20 was a holiday that NMU enjoyed staying closed. But while having Monday off was a luxury, we wouldn’t have had the glory of that extra day if it weren’t for a man who had a dream.  Perhaps...

NAE poster offends students

NW Staff October 4, 2012

A poster for the All American Rejects concert upset the Native American Students Association (NASA) because of an offensive image depicted in promotional material for the concert. One of the band members...

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