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From Wildcat to 2024 Olympian: Greco-Roman wrestling celebrates successful weekend

Lily Gouin April 26, 2024

Over the weekend, the Greco-Roman wrestling team headed to State College in Pennsylvania where the wrestlers competed in hopes of qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics this summer.  One Wildcat, junior...

Athletes at all levels, whether students or Olympians, struggle with their wellbeing just like everyone else.

Editorial—Athletes and mental health: even our heroes are human

North Wind Staff August 26, 2021
We view athletes as heroes and idols, even statues representing our values as a collective. And perhaps that goes for anyone in the spotlight: we see them on a pedestal and forget they are just people. But they still have a life. They’re not invincible; they do the same things everyone else does. 
Perseverance in life and on the mat: Paul Tellgren’s long-awaited return to NMU Wrestling

Perseverance in life and on the mat: Paul Tellgren’s long-awaited return to NMU Wrestling

Travis Nelson October 7, 2020

After eight long years of struggles and in the midst of a global pandemic, Paul Tellgren has found his way back onto the NMU Greco-Roman Wrestling team. Tellgren says that he has a much different...

International News

International News

Northwind Staff January 18, 2018

North and South Korea will unify under the same flag and form a combined women’s ice hockey team for the first time in the Winter Olympics. The two countries have not spoken in over two years, but have...

Olympic board vote could leave USOEC with an uncertain future

Shaina James February 21, 2013

Wrestling has been an Olympic sport since the ancient Olympic games, but the sport could be in jeopardy. After the International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board voted to eliminate wrestling...

Decision to remove wrestling from Olympics hurts NMU, USOEC

Delaney Lovett February 21, 2013

Raise your hand if you have ever watched wrestling during the Olympics. OK, put your hands down. Now, raise your hand if you have ever watching the modern pentathlon during the Olympics. Raise your...

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