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spring break

Opinion—Spring Break may be canceled, but the fun isn’t

Faith King March 3, 2021
For families, spring break is often defined by a week of vacations, perhaps to national parks or relaxing days on the beaches. Most importantly, it’s a break from work and school. As adults in college, we still anticipate this moment of release from daily life, but this year our perception of spring break has altered to depict more of a nightmare.
Windows filled with snow

Editorial—Was removing Spring Break and extending Winter Break the right call?

Akasha Khalsa September 30, 2020
The university’s decision to alter the academic calendar for the Winter 2020 semester did not come as a surprise to many students. NMU announced that the new schedule will extend Winter Break to a length of two months, while removing Spring Break entirely. Of course it’s a big change from what we’re used to. However, so is everything right now. In many ways, this decision parallels the changes made to the fall semester, in which Thanksgiving Break was simply combined with Winter Break, and the semester started earlier.
(Left to right) Sarah Robinson freshman nursing major, Holly Glover freshman community health major and Kyle Oldenkamp senior nursing major present water filters to Quiche people.

On a mission

Noah Hausmann March 15, 2018

Guatemala The rural communities of Las Lomas, Guatemala, home of the indigenous Quiche people, are some of the most impoverished in the country. In the wake of a civil war, there are many homeless...

Wildcats tackel wanderlust and wildfires over Spring Break

Nolan Krebs February 28, 2013

Spring break: for most students, a phrase synonymous with all-out mental disengage and a momentary escape from the thralls of academia. For some students, it’s a week-long chance to do something...

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