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Staying safe during the spooky season

Staying safe during the spooky season

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor October 28, 2021

Halloween is a special holiday for many that enjoy the spooky season. Getting dressed up in the costume you’ve spent all month prepping for the big night, enjoying the king-sized Snickers bar that you...

Opinion—Trouble finding your size? Blame vanity sizing

Opinion—Trouble finding your size? Blame vanity sizing

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor September 23, 2021
Maybe there’s hope for sizing to become more reliable if companies are incentivized to do so by the growing return rates and increase in online shopping. I’m not sure there’s much hope for letting go of the value judgments connected to our size tags, but I just have to cross my fingers. If vanity sizing continues to dictate jean sizes, in future years I might be picking more horrifying 000 jeans off the rack.
Opinion—Land over landfill: composting helps reduce food waste

Opinion—Land over landfill: composting helps reduce food waste

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor September 13, 2021
According to Feeding, nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted. At every stage in food production and distribution, unwanted and uneaten food is thrown away. This waste totals 108 billion pounds of food each year.
Opinion—Sick of her celebrity: a review of Lorde’s Solar Power

Opinion—Sick of her celebrity: a review of Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’

Nicholas Conroy, Copy Editor September 10, 2021
Before the release of the album, Lorde discussed in a series of interviews that “Solar Power” would be dealing with themes relating to her personal experience with celebrity culture, spirituality and the celebrity identity.

Opinion—Film Review: Cycling into Italian Neorealism with ‘Bicycle Thieves’

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 3, 2021

Going into my fourth year at NMU, I have had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of films as I minor in film studies. Classes like Introduction to Film, Topics in Film Theory, Authorship in Cinema...

movie review

Satire—A ‘movie review’ of the Winter 2021 semester

Katarina Rothhorn April 20, 2021

By now I’m sure everyone is familiar with the recent release of “The Winter 2021 Semester” and the mixed reviews it has received. Some claim it was a refreshing break from the usual fast-paced,...

volleyball team

Opinion—Volleyball’s historic run didn’t have to end when it did

Travis Nelson April 15, 2021

The pandemic has caused a lot of grief for a lot of people, there’s no doubting that. In the sports world, many events and games have been canceled over this past year. There was nothing anybody could...

blank journal

Opinion—Live in the present, that’s what I tell myself

Maggie Duly March 24, 2021

I bought a journal three weeks ago. Cognitive behavioral therapists often recommend journaling to help improve your mood by self identified problem solving. I haven't written in it yet. I’m not much...


Opinion—Why moving out of your hometown is the best choice you can make

Ashley Beronja March 10, 2021

Moving away from home can be hard. Whether leaving for school, work or just wanting to get out of your hometown, leaving behind a piece of you can be overwhelming in some way or another. However, despite...


Opinion—Listen to the other side

Sam Rush February 18, 2021

Like many, I grew up in a politically divided family. Although it has admittedly led to our fair share of arguments at the dinner table throughout the years, good things have come out of our disagreements....

selfish communicator

Opinion—Stop being a selfish communicator

Akasha Khalsa January 26, 2021

You’ve probably had the misfortune of knowing someone or having someone in a class or being forced to sit next to someone at an event, who just won’t shut up. This person wants to talk about politics,...

no dogs allowed

Opinion—Dogs should always be on a leash in public, and kept away from me

Jesse Wiederhold November 16, 2020

Most people are pretty good about keeping their large and furry four-legged friends on leashes in the Marquette area. Unfortunately, even though there is a law to enforce leashing dogs and keeping pets...

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