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COFFEE COMPLICATIONS —  How do you reconcile loving coffee with also hating it? My relationship with this beverage is now more complicated than ever.

Opinion — My complicated relationship with coffee

Hannah Jenkins, Copy Editor October 18, 2022

I hate coffee.  I am also trying to curb my growing addiction to it. Like a relationship with a toxic guy that you know you should avoid but just cannot; my love of - or obsession with - coffee is...

HOT TAKE — Two pumpkin spice lattes, fresh from a local coffee shop. With flavors and scents like cinnamon apple and sweet caramel, we have to wonder whether pumpkin spice is truly the flavor of fall.

Editorial — Pumpkin spice, the polarizing fall flavor

North Wind Editorial Board October 13, 2022

With the leaves yet to hit their peak of red, orange and yellow colors, another fall phenomenon has already swept away the population: pumpkin spice. The fall flavor and scent seemed to permeate the...

STUDY ON—Jamrich and Starbucks extends hours to open on Sunday for those looking to use the space.

Jamrich, Starbucks extends hours to open on Sundays

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor February 17, 2022
Starting Sunday, Feb. 20, Jamrich and Starbucks will now be open on Sundays for students, faculty and others to optimize the space.
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