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SHARING RESEARCH-Dr. Carter Wilson, department head and professor at NMU since 2013, will share his research findings in an upcoming academic presentation.

Talk to be held on critical race theory and constitutional law

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor September 2, 2021
Students with an interest in critical theory and critical race theory may be intrigued by an upcoming academic presentation to be held by Political Science department head Dr. Carter Wilson.
MONEY TALKS—Author Diedre McCloskey advertises for her newest book, titled, “Why Liberalism Works” before her discussion and Q&A session. Denali Drake/NW

Liberalism Talk

Denali Drake October 31, 2019

Is it really better to be rich? Author, economics professor and transgender advocate Diedre McCloskey spoke upon her newest book, “Why Liberalism Works” and why it is indeed good to be among the wealthy. The...

Deirdre McCloskey

Economist to talk on wealth

Jack Webster October 24, 2019

Ideas are sure to cause lively debate and discussion on NMU’s campus. In a time of economic and political uncertainty, aspects of the structure of society such as debates over the virtues of capitalism...

Education key to U.S.-Iran talks

Lee McClelland November 15, 2012

The election has concluded, and the United States can start dealing with problems rearing their heads abroad: namely, a potentially nuclear Iran that the United States has been trying to broker a diplomatic...

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