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Opinion — iPad kids and the illiteracy crisis

Opinion — iPad kids and the illiteracy crisis

Megan Poe February 2, 2024

Every generation critiques its successor generation. There are accusations that the children are getting softer, less teachable, disciplined and motivated, even though the accusers were also called soft,...

Opinion—One year later: NFTs are (still) a scam

Opinion—One year later: NFTs are (still) a scam

Nicholas Conroy, Copy Editor February 12, 2022
Well, here we are again. Around this same time last year, I published an opinion piece titled “NFTs are killing the planet.” At the time of publishing, I understood NFTs as a fringe concept, something that existed on the peripherals of the tech industry, and I was concerned about its spread into art-related fields.

Book review—’Unplugged’ by Donna Freitas

Madoline Plattenberg April 23, 2021
Life as humanity knows it will never be the same. Split between the app world and the real world, Unplugged by Donna Freitas encompasses the idea of living freely from the body through the mind, but at what cost?

Opinion—Searching for the life beyond the screen

Faith King April 16, 2021
In recent weeks, I have felt that my life has become consumed by a virtual prison world, my only escape being the momentary breaks in which I dare to walk away from my desk.
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Opinion—NFTs are killing the planet

Nicholas Conroy March 16, 2021
From the stock market to bitcoin, cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage these days but there is a lesser known crypto-related element that has been creeping slowly toward prominence in the form of crypto art. This new classification of art is not only causing controversy among the art world but is killing the environment as well.
Succulent plants in a window

Opinion—Grandma pastimes for the win

Akasha Khalsa September 15, 2020
Perhaps you’ve noticed the plant people. They’re a prevalent breed here in the NMU student community. You can recognize them because their windows are filled with greenery and often their plant collection has become so large that you can easily see it from outside their residence. These plant people may also knit, go thrifting, read lots of paperback books, mend their own clothes, cook delicious foods, do yoga and participate in other “old people activities.” Why? Aren’t those pastimes completely outdated in this day and age?
Left-wing values will define AI

Left-wing values will define AI

Riley Garland March 28, 2019

Hollywood portrayal of the future never fails to amuse. We’re beginning to reach an era where past movies and shows are set in the years we’re entering, and often, the predictions are way off. For...

Smartphones dull experience of living

Amanda Monthei February 21, 2013

For about two months, I feel like I’ve been living Aldous Huxley’s worst nightmare. Or perhaps my new reality is living proof that his brainchild — a society of people numbed by instant gratification...

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