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Opinion-- A list of regrets before I graduate

Opinion– A list of regrets before I graduate

Sal Wiertella March 1, 2024

They say not to live your life with regret but as we often do, we regret. It’s a natural human emotion that we all feel and find annoying or disheartening. I feel the best way for me to get past my regrets...

LOST IN FILM — In an attempt to break out of my everyday routine, I ventured to the Bay Park Cinema in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, to catch a late showing of Ti West’s “Pearl. By being more spontaneous, I hope to not only take my life less seriously but also soak up every ounce of joy that my college years have left to offer me.

Opinion — Practicing spontaneity

Andie Balenger, Opinion Editor September 22, 2022

I am a creature of habit. The intricate details of my school year routine have not changed since I first came to Northern Michigan University in 2020. While the shift in class times from semester to...

SEEING THE WORLD - Sunshine Oxer travels out west to explore National Parks and other wilderness areas before heading back to college. Their journey gave them many life experiences and helped them have a better understanding of why they want to get a college degree.

The stigma surrounding non-traditional students

Annamarie Parker, Katarina Rothhorn, Contributing writer, Features editor March 28, 2022

For Sunshine Oxer, a junior English major, the journey through higher academia was a non-traditional one but it was what worked best for them. They felt pressured to attend college directly after high...

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