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The North Wind

The North Wind

COMPARISION — A side-by-side of Soul Sand (left) and soul soil (right). Soul Sand features stylized low resolution screaming faces, while soul sand has a simple swept look. Photo courtesy of Mojang Studios

Opinion — Soul Sand and Soul Soil are misnamed

Willow Rasch October 5, 2023

I think that the name of Soul Sand and Soul Soil in Minecraft need to be switched. I have not been playing Minecraft for very long, only for about two years, but ever since I’ve stepped my first blocky...

COMPETITOR — A picture of 8-year-old me (right) competing in a Guitar Hero contest at a fundraiser event in my hometown. Along with being the only child in the competition, I was also the only female. Despite this, I battled my way to the final four, knocking out two men before falling myself.

Wild Secrets — I am a Guitar Hero legend

Andie Balenger November 9, 2022

Everybody has embarrassing moments they would like to undo and haunting memories that trigger the deepest cringe a human body can muster. We all have a cheeky guilty pleasure we would rather keep to ourselves. Here,...

Photo  courtesy of Jon Teichman
SWEET FINDS—Vinyl record enthusiasts rummage through cases on cases of every genre of music imaginable at a pervious vinyl record show. One mains trash is another mans treasure when it comes to vintage stock.

Vintage trends keep up with changing times

Jessica Parsons January 16, 2020

The culture of vinyl in the U.P. has shifted throughout the years and transitioned since long before Spotify, Pandora or YouTube were even created. Community members of Marquette and the NMU Vinyl Record...

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