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GO VOTE — Attendees at “Anatomy of an Election” pose questions to Marie Wicks, a Michigan election official, regarding the voting process. Northern Votes, a student organization, hosted “Anatomy of an Election” to explain the intricacies of casting a ballot on election day.

“Anatomy of an Election” dissects voting in Michigan

Andie Balenger October 10, 2022

Students and community members gathered Wednesday night for “Anatomy of an Election,” a two-hour informational forum that discussed the ins and outs of voting mechanics in Michigan. The event featured...

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Online voter registration closed, consider in-person voting plan

Jesse Wiederhold October 22, 2020

Oct. 19 marked the last day Michigan voters can register online to vote by mail. This can now be done by going to After Oct. 19, voters must get in touch with their local city clerk...

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Proposals focused on conservation funding, security to appear on November ballot

Justin Van't Hof October 21, 2020

When it comes to voting this November, everyone is focused on the presidential election, but there are a lot more than just candidates on the ballot. There are two proposals 20-1, Use of State and...

Come join Social Justice for Us and register to vote this Friday, Oct. 9. Photo courtesy of Autumn Coté.

Social Justice for Us to host voter registration rally Friday

Jesse Wiederhold October 5, 2020

Social Justice for Us, a non-profit organization operating out of Marquette, is hosting a voter registration rally this Friday, Oct. 9. 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 148 W Washington St. Suite F. The event aims...

Mqt election brings young perspectives

Mqt election brings young perspectives

North Wind Staff November 7, 2019

To recap the past Nov. 5 election for Marquette City Commission, youth dominated the votes. Evan Bonsall and Andrew Lorinser won Tuesday’s election out of four final candidates. Bonsall received...

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2018 ballot proposals: What to know before going to the polls

Kelsii Kyto October 18, 2018

As midterm elections approach, voters will have their say on three major ballot proposals for the state of Michigan. Proposal 1 is a legislative change that would allow Michigan residents 21 and older...

Olympic board vote could leave USOEC with an uncertain future

Shaina James February 21, 2013

Wrestling has been an Olympic sport since the ancient Olympic games, but the sport could be in jeopardy. After the International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board voted to eliminate wrestling...

Voter ID laws to disenfranchise Americans

Brian Westrick October 4, 2012

American citizens are supremely fortunate to have the right to vote for governmental officials. We hold this right very dear and believe that it is the duty of every citizen to have their voices heard...

Voter registration made easy

Marcellino Signorelli September 13, 2012

For many students, the presidential election coming up this November will be the first in which they can partake; however, becoming a registered voter can present confusion for those who have never previously...

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