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Graphic courtesy of Joe Sigourney

All eyes on Public Eye News: Student news broadcast seeks to expand

Rayna Sherbinow April 16, 2021

Communication on campus can take on many forms. Students may pick up on the latest news through word of mouth or by scrolling through social media. Anyone who listens to Radio X might catch a program...

Graphic courtesy of NMU

University finance committee meeting held, WNMU-TV and WNMU-FM audit

Ayanna Allen February 10, 2021
On Feb. 9 the NMU Finance Committee discussed the 2020 fiscal year audit for WNMU-TV and WNMU-FM stations as well as address the upcoming retirement of WNMU's general manager, Eric Smith.

Federal cuts impact campus media outlets

Sam Banks April 11, 2013

Employees and students who are involved with WNMU Public TV-13 and WNMU-FM Public Radio 90 are looking to reduce spending by a combined $44,000, a result of the federal sequestration budget cuts that went...

Support local broadcasting

Northwind Staff April 11, 2013

WNMU Public TV-13 and WNMU Public Radio 90 are anticipating coming budget cuts, which result from the government sequester, or a five-percent cut in all federal programs after Congress failed to pass a...

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