Japanese rock band performs in Marquette

anne.bradley and anne.bradley

Green Milk from the Planet Orange (GMFTPO) will bring progressive rock and a high-energy performance to Marquette-all the way from Japan. The Tokyo-based trio returns to Marquette for the fifth time, bringing a mix of rock, new wave and experimental music.

“They are definitely a unique and eclectic group of musicians,” said Meghan Solano, a long time member of the House of Muses board of directors. “It’s a great show for music lovers of all ages.”

Although the House of Muses burned down this winter, the venue is still in operation producing shows in the Marquette area. Sponsored by the House of Muses, GMFTPO will perform at 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 15 at the Kaufman Auditorium. The show is open to all ages.

After their first performance, they began to receive favorable reviews in music magazines in Japan and America.

“[GMFTPO] perform with wild abandon, as if (progressive rock) is — believe it or not — their sacred path toward passion, liberation and all-out ecstasy,” wrote Seattle Weekly music writer Justin Farrar.

Critical acclaim seemed to be par for the course as the band continued to record and perform. “City Calls Revolution,” GMFTPO’s newest album, includes a song more than 37 minutes long.

Ryan Dawson, head of the House of Muses board of directors, said despite the band’s lengthy songs, GMFTPO assails the senses from start to finish.

“You’d think one might get bored throughout a 15-minute song, but they won’t allow it — they are right in your face the whole time and you can’t even take your eyes away,” Dawson said.

The live performance is an instant draw, even for those without much knowledge of the band’s music, Dawson said. He said he remembers going to one of GMFTPO’s performances while knowing nothing about them or their music.

“We gave them a listen and were instantly drawn into their sound, which is heavy, jazzy and progressive,” he said.

Buttermilk Pancakes, a local teen band from Marquette, will open the GMFTPO show. Classified as grunge rock, Buttermilk Pancakes music earns them comparisons to one of rock’s most enduring names — Nirvana, said the band’s lead guitar player, Pat Haydon.

Utopian Bonfire, another local band, has a folksy, experimental indie sound and will follow Buttermilk Pancakes.