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The North Wind

The North Wind

Senior Art Show

amanda.shellnut and amanda.shellnut April 25, 2007

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April 26 Crossword

crystal.gochenour and crystal.gochenour April 25, 2007

ACROSS 1 American sign language 4 Seat 9 Kitten 14 Downwind 15 Indian horse 16 City 17 Hold 18 Blemished 19 Belly button 20 Tails 22 Glue 24 Ram's mate 25 Alien's spaceship 27...

‘Disturbia’ wastes its actors’ abilities

matt.woodward and matt.woodward April 18, 2007

When making a movie that's completely devoid of any sort of original creative thought, it helps if it's at least a competent thriller with a talented cast to anchor it. This is the lesson director D.J....

New ASNMU president encourages involvement

NW Staff and NW Staff April 18, 2007

Assistant News Editor Jackie Stark sat down with newly-elected ASNMU President Chris Storves to ask him about the upcoming school year. NW: As president, what changes do you hope to make? I don't...

Bumpus disc proves unimpressive

becky.korpi and becky.korpi April 18, 2007

With so many bands infiltrating the music scene these days, it's difficult to find one that stands out. A band that can sidestep the current emo/punk trend with an original sound is usually a winner on...

New, simpler FAFSA form to be unveiled

steve.puroll and steve.puroll April 18, 2007

After the tax forms, the phone calls home to his mom and dad and the long hours of paper work, NMU freshman Dan Moore thought he'd be getting his financial aid. What he got instead was a long wait, and...

‘Hot’ times at the university

josh.perttunen and josh.perttunen April 18, 2007

Life is full of lies. Most of them are small and white. They can be motivated by the desire to spare a loved one from having their feelings hurt or to avoid upsetting them. However, some lies can topple...

Illegal downloading continues unabated

laura.mead and laura.mead April 18, 2007

Despite the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) recent crackdown on illegal downloading, a survey found that 67 percent of college students are not concerned with the issue of illegal downloading...

Seeking Employment

caitlin.morski and caitlin.morski April 18, 2007

With the end of the winter semester nearing, many students are seeking internship and job opportunities to support themselves through the summer. With job opportunities limited in the Marquette area,...

Climb for Science

johanna.boyle and johanna.boyle April 18, 2007

Phil Watts leaned forward, adjusting the mask over the child's face. He ran one last check over the straps and stood back, examining his handiwork. "Oh yeah, Darth Vader, very cool," he said, laughing. But...

Surrogate soccer mom

jamie.reed and jamie.reed April 18, 2007

The school bell rings, and Rachel, clad in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans after a tiresome day of nursing classes, patiently waits outside the building. After Kelsie, Carlie and Charles -- ages 14, 12 and...

Marquette Music Scene

NW Staff and NW Staff April 18, 2007

Thursday, April 19 Nordic Bay Lodge Sahl Metivier & Jeff Krebs, 7 p.m. Northland Pub Billy Alberts, 9 p.m. Ramada Inn Tom Laverty, 9 p.m. Upfront & Co. Slipt, 10:30 p.m. Vango's Jim & Ray, 8...

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