ASNMU update: Director of public relations appointed at meeting

Marcellino Signorelli

As part of their stated goal of improving communication, the Associated Students of NMU approved a new director of public relations.

During the Monday, Sept. 17 meeting, Chelsea Parrish was approved as the new director of public relations.

“I used to be in media and I know how effective it is to get the word out to students and the community at large,” Parrish said. “We want students to know what we’re up to.”

The position of director of public relations has existed in the bylaws but the position had not been filled for the past couple years.

According to Parrish, some of the things she would like to improve would be updating their Facebook page more frequently, as well as their YouTube page.

“We want to utilize social media to get out our goals,” Parrish said. “We hope people will become more involved and bring up any comments or questions.”

One of the updates regarding ASNMU programs that was brought up during the meeting was that of the bike-share program, which will be in effect shortly.

The bikes will be available outside the Learning Resource Center as they were in past years.

“We have four bikes right now that just need the numbers put on their locks,” said Ben Stanley, ASNMU president and junior human-center design major. “We have 26 bikes that are ready to go, that just need minor repairs.

“There will be 10 bikes on rack and 20 in reserve if one should break down.”

The numbers on the locks will match up with numbers on the bike so the right key can be given.

The resignation of two representatives was approved during the meeting: Leann Hermann, down-campus representative and Megan LaRocque, off-campus representative.

Amber Lopota resigned from her position as an arts and sciences representative and, as of Sept. 17, she is the current down-campus student affairs representative.