ASNMU expands dozing discounts

Braden Linick

ASNMU has substantially expanded the Dozing Discounts program substantially, bringing it from 10 states to a national and international level recently.

Dozing Discounts is one of the programs put on by ASNMU that gets students discounts at a number of Wyndham hotels. Up-campus representative Amber Lopota is credited with the expansion of the program.

According to ASNMU president Ben Stanley, the main focus of the program is to ensure safety to students while traveling to and from NMU, as many students travel six or more hours to get home.

“We don’t want students driving through unsafe weather or driving while they’re half asleep,” Stanley said. “When I was studying abroad in Peru, I showed up two days early and needed to find a place to sleep. It’s just another benefit of being a Wildcat.”

A few of the Wyndham hotels include the Ramada, Days Inn and Super 8. The program is available to students, NMU employees and immediate family, who can all gain access to the discounts by giving these hotels an ID number, Stanley said.

“The discount allows you to get 15 percent off of the cheapest rate in the nation, for that specific chain,” Stanley said. “For example, if you were staying at the Ramada in Los Angeles, you would get the 15 percent off the cheapest Ramada in the country.”

According to Lopota, although the deal with Wyndham hotels has been approved, the program is not live yet. ASNMU will be working this week on getting the web page up on their website with the ID number that gets NMU affiliates the discount at these hotels.

“Something else about this program is you can schedule reservations ahead of time, for something like spring break,” Lopota said. “We hope to have the program up and running before Thanksgiving break.”