Editorial: ASNMU lacking judicial branch

Northwind Staff

NMU students have been without an ASNMU Judiciary (ASNMUJ) for far too long. The lack of members on the ASNMUJ became noticeable when the former articles of impeachment were filed during the Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 ASNMU meeting.

Since then, there has not been one single member appointed to the judiciary board.

The ASNMU elections are slated for Monday, April 1, and there is no student judiciary board to offer a necessary check and balance to an already ineffective government during election season and the post-election process.

Because there is no ASNMUJ board, the responsibility of deciding the validity of a complaint during the election and what appropriate action to take will be left in the hands of the Elections Committee, according to the ASNMU Constitution and Bylaws.

Article III, Section 1, subsection B states “the committee will be comprised of at least three people…[subsection C] this committee will have: [vii] original jurisdiction over any formal complaints that arise concerning the elections or referenda. Appellate jurisdiction shall rest with [ASNMUJ].”

The three individuals are ASNMU members John McGovern, college of professional studies representative, and Chelsea Parrish, off campus representative, who both currently serve with the one non-ASNMU member Carol Luedeman — as required by the bylaws.

This committee will be charged with holding those ASNMU members running in the election accountable for upholding campaign rules and ethics. Students should make sure that the Election Committee knows Wildcats are watching them carefully during this student election.

NMU students must put pressure on those overseeing the coming election.

Wildcats deserve better. As the election approaches, hold student government accountable. Remember the election is on Monday, April 1 — do not make student representation another April Fools’ joke.