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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

ASNMU board approves second ASNMUJ member

The ASNMU meeting on Monday, March 25 had a rough start with three ASNMU Judiciary appointees turned down; however, it had a good turn around when Michael Dilay was appointed as the second ASNMUJ member.

Four people were appointed by ASNMU President Benjamin Stanley, but were not approved with three-fourths majority vote.

A few board members voiced their concern that the board had suggested people for ASNMUJ and potential candidates weren’t given an interview. Board members were also concerned they were not given the opportunity to meet with the people Stanley appointed ahead of time.

After the four candidates were turned down, College of Professional Studies Rep. John McGovern suggested Dilay would be a good appointee for ASNMUJ.

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“As far as someone like Michael, I don’t think I took a big gamble on,” McGovern said. “I was thinking how little progress we were making with ASNMUJ and not electing candidates because they were biased and knew Ben. He [Dilay] had no biases. He is a perfect example of what we needed.”

Dilay’s appointment then went into a vote and he was elected as the second ASNMUJ member with unanimous approval.

“It made me feel a little on the spot,” Dilay, a senior education major, said. “I have considered the legislature for a brief moment, but I thought with all the time I had to devote to it next semester might be too much for me to handle that position. I think the judiciary position will be a lot easier to handle, and I will do it a lot better.”

A main concern of the ASNMU board members is that the ASNMUJ members stay impartial in all subjects. Dilay eased this concern.

“I am a teacher, I have to be very impartial when dealing with matters whenever a student breaks a rule,” Dilay said. “You don’t want to give anyone special treatment or else everyone will break the same rule. You have to set boundaries and I feel that also has to be the case with NMU students. They need to understand there are certain boundaries. I will try to look out for their rights too. If they feel they have been wronged, I will definitely look into it.”

Dilay has been involved with ASNMU over the last semester, suggesting ideas and attending the majority of meetings.

“Last semester I suggested why not put some coffee and food with the 24 hour study lounge,” Dilay said. “You know, make the students a little bit more comfortable while they study.”

Dilay said the students are his main concern.

“Right now I can’t really say what I will bring to ASNMUJ because it is still missing three members, but when we do finally get a judiciary I definitely plan to uphold the student code and the constitution of ASNMU,” Dilay said.

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