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ASNMU Judiciary full, focused on improvement

ASNMU filled the remaining three ASNMU Judiciary seats at their Monday, April 1 meeting.

Taylor Tillotson, John Minser and Preston Mozingo are the three newly appointed ASNMUJ members. The ASNMUJ resolves any debates regarding policy and the ASNMU constitution.

“I am excited about being an ASNMUJ member,” said Mozingo, a junior political science major. “I am looking forward to evaluating situations on a more thorough basis. I will keep an open mind and listen to both sides of the story  and bounce ideas and suggestion off of other ASNMUJ members.”

Now that ASNMUJ has all five positions filled, the members plan to be the voice for students and hope to settle any debates.

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“One of the big advantages we [ASNMUJ members] have is we all are pretty unrelated to the controversaries that happened this year and we are independently minded,” said John Minser, an English graduate student.

Amber Lopota, ASNMU’s newly elected president, said having a full judiciary board will be very helpful to have a productive ASNMU.

“We’re not going to run into any situation where there’s not a higher authority to render a decision,” Lopota said. “Everything will have a place to go. So absolutely, we’re just not going to get hung on anything anymore.”

The ASNMUJ members said they have a different kind of opportunity since they are the first ASNMUJ members.

“We will take our positions seriously,” Minser said. “We will be setting the bar for next year and the following years to come.”

According to Lopota, ASNMUJ will be able solve issues that were not solved this past year.

“We’ve had so many issues, some major and some small that either haven’t been addressed because of lack of ASNMUJ or they have been addressed in a completely ineffective way,” Lopota said. “So we can hand all that off to ASNMUJ and they can make a decision and we can move on.”

Lopota is very confident in the new ASNMUJ board.

“I feel like we have diversity and I think that is important when you have any decision rendering body,” Lopota said. “I like that. Some of the candidates I didn’t have an opportunity to even review on paper, but the assembly found them to be acceptable, and I have faith in them.”

ASNMUJ now consists of junior philosophy major Leah Blanchard, senior education major Michael Dilay, Minser, Mozingo and Tillotson, a senior social studies secondary education major.

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