‘Cats Coffee Corner: Contrast Coffee Co.

Denali Drake

“Oat milk latte and blueberry oatmeal?”

I have visited Contrast, a small coffee shop, once a week since I began at NMU, my familiarity ensuring that each rotating barista knows my order without skipping a beat.

A smile and a nod with a following, “add some extra espresso to this one,” I reply.

Moments later my name is announced and a mug is slid my way. I stare at my latte and admire the unique foam art that is carefully created by these loving barista’s, then on to choose my table of the day. A small heart or a fern leaf is beautifully adorned atop the carefully crafted concoction.

Adorned with magnificent windows, it allows the sun to stream into this small shop making it the essential study spot for hardcore students, Instagram bloggers and local yoopers alike. The modern sleek white decor brings a refreshing modern edge Contrast nicely amidst the small town of Marquette. With local art decoratively, hung around the walls it invites all to come, sit down and relax.

Caffeine is not the only thing you will find at Contrast, with Superior Kombucha on tap, smoothies, and matcha for good measure everyone is able to find their favorite. The food is unparalleled, with crepes and a new selection of paninis it is a perfect brunch spot, the classic baked blueberry oatmeal with a side of warm milk is a personal cult favorite and a must-try. Notably, the non-dairy milk options, ethically sourced coffee beans and vegan options make this modern cafe available to even your pickiest friends. The shop features unique lattes such as the honey lavender, peaches and cream, cracked pepper maple and more to test even the most adventurous palate.

The ambience alone can make one lose track of time. I once spent nearly five hours lost in the blissful peace even when surrounded by my studies. Even as the cafe fills to the brim with guests it maintains a melodic pace, ensuring its guests a pleasant experience and adequate space due to its internet cafe bar-like architecture and structure.

In short, Contrast is the essential college town coffee shop. It is located up near Third Street and East Ohio Street, near downtown and offers a refuge away from campus to refresh, refocus and re-caffeinate. The caring staff will soon make it your home away from home.