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HERO — A photo of me holding Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. The adaptation of Luke’s character in the “Star Wars” sequels has been a hotly debated topic by many generations of the franchise’s fans, some questioning whether their childhood hero would truly act in the way he did.

Opinion — A take on Luke Skywalker’s character in the “Star Wars” sequels

Nathan Kwapisz December 2, 2022

Luke Skywalker is a hero for many generations of "Star Wars" fans; he embodies many ideals in the story and in real life.  To me, Luke is shown as a person that loves unconditionally. His objective...

Opinion — My top four albums of 2022

Opinion — My top four albums of 2022

Andie Balenger December 1, 2022

While I would not describe myself as a music connoisseur, I do listen to a lot of music. Not only does my taste in music know no bounds in terms of era, but I also have no particular genre that I predominantly...

Opinion — Song dissection of “Funny the Way It Is”

Opinion — Song dissection of “Funny the Way It Is”

Andie Balenger November 30, 2022

At a recent worship service, my church celebrated All Saints Day. The service was dedicated to acknowledging those from our congregation who have passed away in the last year, with a candle being lit and...

Opinion — Dear holidays, you suck

Opinion — Dear holidays, you suck

Dallas Wiertella November 18, 2022

I wake up in a cold sweat to the ding of my phone and multiple messages from family members. They are all reaching out to wish me a happy Thanksgiving.  I groggily get out of bed. It is 3 p.m. and...

Letter to the Editor — NMU must do more for student mental health

Letter to the Editor — NMU must do more for student mental health

November 17, 2022

Several weeks ago, Northern Michigan University’s Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Brock Tessman, deputy commissioner of higher education for the Montana State University system, as NMU’s...

Concert Stage

Opinion — In defense of nu-metal

Harry Stine November 17, 2022

Last May, I drove to Green Bay to see the band Limp Bizkit play in a half-filled stadium. I was in the very back of the crowd, banging my head in a Hawaiian button-up to songs such as "Rollin’ (Air Raid...

Man pushes a boulder up a slope

Opinion — We came here to graduate, push through and get your degree

Chris Anderson November 14, 2022

College is the place where people go to better their life by continuing their education and learning valuable skills that will translate to a comfortable position doing what they have always wanted to...

COMPETITOR — A picture of 8-year-old me (right) competing in a Guitar Hero contest at a fundraiser event in my hometown. Along with being the only child in the competition, I was also the only female. Despite this, I battled my way to the final four, knocking out two men before falling myself.

Wild Secrets — I am a Guitar Hero legend

Andie Balenger November 9, 2022

Everybody has embarrassing moments they would like to undo and haunting memories that trigger the deepest cringe a human body can muster. We all have a cheeky guilty pleasure we would rather keep to ourselves. Here,...

DISAPPOINTING - Olivia Wildes much-anticipated film, Dont Worry Darling has fallen short of expectations. One actors brilliant performance and the movies arthouse aesthetics fail to make up for a costars poor acting and a lack of substance in the plot.

Opinion — Review of “Don’t Worry Darling”

Jakob Ross, Contributing Writer September 29, 2022

Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” is a puzzle without any connecting pieces.  The horror/thriller has been ranked high on my list of anticipated movies for this year since filming began...

FITTING IN – Team Atlas poses for a photo after their first match of the Annual Kickball Tournament put on by NMU Housing. The kickball tournament is one of the first opportunities for students living in the dorms to find a group of friends within their houses and halls.

Opinion — That one moment

Dallas Wiertella September 23, 2022

When I first came to college, I was terrified of everything. The pandemic was in full swing, and I knew nobody except my roommate. I felt like I was a million miles away from my comfort place, despite...

Editorial — Critique of NMU’s Wellbeing website

Editorial — Critique of NMU’s Wellbeing website

North Wind Editorial Board September 15, 2022

In an attempt to improve student access to mental health services at NMU, campus administration has recently launched Wellbeing. The website, which contains mental health resources, reports on-campus mental...

Opinion—Film Review: Cycling into Italian Neorealism with ‘Bicycle Thieves’

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 3, 2021

Going into my fourth year at NMU, I have had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of films as I minor in film studies. Classes like Introduction to Film, Topics in Film Theory, Authorship in Cinema...

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