Drug Awareness: Know what you’re putting in your system


Sam Rush/NW

North Wind Staff

Drugs are a trending topic in today’s society among researchers, search engines and top news stories.

Perhaps the most heard of situation appearing all over headlines lately is “juuling”—a term now commonly used to describe any form of vaping—and the use of e-cigarettes. There have been countless tragic cases revolving this discussion and it is only on the rise.

Let it be known that juuling is only part of a bigger picture that now demands a solution.

It is not a secret that any unnatural bodily consumption is not safe. While there may be tons of studies out there regarding certain drugs, we can never be too sure. New discoveries are found on a daily basis and things are changing left and right.

It’s easy, especially here at a university, to be peer-pressured into trying new things and doing certain things, like drugs, we wouldn’t normally do. So we simply need to be mindful and cautious of what we allow to enter our bodies. This also includes an addictive consumption of alcohol.

As time goes on, drugs take on new forms, but this does not mean they’re different, better or worse; the fight against every drug crisis is the same. 

Opioids have become an epidemic across the nation and our home here in the Upper Peninsula. The truth is, there is simply not enough education for us to inform ourselves on the issue before it’s too late and we’re sorry before we’re safe. But this is not an excuse to remain in the dark, but a wake-up call.

Though it is true every body is different and can handle different levels of substances, it’s very easy to lose control and miss the potential danger we willingly welcome into our lives.

Here at The North Wind, we encourage students and community members alike to be mindful of what their body’s intake and how much of it. What may be a joking matter to one person may have lead, or lead, to death for another. 

Know what you’re taking. Know the quantity. Know your choice. Know the proceeding circumstances. 

Don’t get lost in the thought that college is a place for this idea to call home. This is where we’re supposed to rise above it all, be an example and know what our bodies are capable of. Wildcats, reach out for help and stay safe.