Have a restful, successful Thanksgiving break


North Wind Staff

We can all give thanks to Thanksgiving because our one week off is finally here. 

Enjoy some food, time off, family, friends, being back in your hometown, etc. Enjoy it like there’s no coming back. But, unfortunately, or fortunately for some, that time will come back and before we know it, December will be here. 

It may motivate you if we mention that when you do come back, it’ll be Dec. 2, and the second-to-last week of the semester will jump out like a surpise and a relief. 

Because of that, though, it is important that you’re encouraged to not be afraid to pick up your studies maybe a little bit over this Thanksgiving break. It will help your memory, if you have an exam to face when you return, or will help you get caught up to speed for projects.

Imagine it’s half-way through the week after break, and you’re in panic mode and struggling to catch up with things you’ve put off. Sure, those mashed potatoes were delicious, but maybe not worth the frustration we should set ourselves up to face the week before finals. 

You’ve worked all semester to finish strong, and no one is here to argue that breaks aren’t necessary, especially for our mental health. But don’t throw all of that hard work away for a turkey that will soon be digested. 

Take a couple days to recharge. Let yourself process what’s been going on since August. Don’t even look at your work for a bit. Put it away. Cover it up. Do what you have to do to shut it out for a while, if permitting, of couse.



Slow down.

We’re all about to dive off the academic deep end, but stop and make sure there’s enough air first. Happy Thanksgiving.