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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

Colin Kaepernick’s career in NFL continues to face hardships


I am conflicted on Colin Kaepernick and I can’t describe it in another way. I root for the guy. I want him back in the NFL. Going into the stand or not stand for the national anthem thing is unnecessary, but that is what people think of Kaepernick. People don’t think of him stunning Boise State as a college quarterback for Nevada, or when he tore the Packers’ defense apart in back-to-back seasons in the playoffs. It’s really a shame the path that he has had to go down since his last NFL game on Jan. 1, 2017, but he was given a new chance.

Last week on Tuesday, Nov. 12, the NFL announced that Kaepernick would be performing at a league-sanctioned workout at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility on Saturday, Nov. 16. After nearly three years of no opportunities, the NFL gave Kaepernick his new chance to earn a roster spot. To me, what Kaepernick did next was frustrating. Originally, 25 teams were scheduled to attend the workout, but on the day of the workout, Kaepernick switched the location to over an hour away because the workout wasn’t allowed to be taped. He then proceeded to have a great workout and tell the media that the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell need to stop running. Eight teams did make it to the workout even with the sudden changes, but I don’t think there’s any way that he will be signed.

Kaepernick had his chance, even though I thought it was more of a public relations stunt by the NFL than anything. He decided to do things his own way, and it will probably cost him a contract. I want him to be back in the league, but after this, does he even want to be? Obviously, it wasn’t a guarantee that he would’ve got signed anyways, but he hurt himself more than helped himself.

I dislike the politics. I dislike the hate and distrust. The NFL did him dirty, there’s no denying that, but at this point Kaepernick should be focusing on football and football only. Nobody has questioned his talent or how much he belongs, but he has to give in to a point if he wants to be an NFL quarterback again. 

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I don’t think he has to stand. I don’t think that he has to stop believing in what does. But he needs to understand what the NFL is wanting of him. If he really wants to play that bad, he needs to show it, in my opinion. I would love to see him starting again, but it won’t happen with the choices he is currently making. I heard earlier this week on ESPN, that Kaepernick is getting wrong information from his camp. He is not making the right football decisions currently, and that is what he needs to do if he wants another shot.

The NFL also wishes that Kaepernick completely conforms to what they want him to be, and I don’t think that will or should happen. The league has screwed him over, he has been blackballed.

There is a lot of mistrust between the two parties, but the problem for Kaepernick is that the NFL doesn’t have to give in at all. The ball is in the NFL’s court, and that will have to be tough to swallow for him. It’s either Kaepernick gives in a bit to the league, or he will remain out of it, in my eyes.

This is where the confliction comes in. I feel horrible for Kaepernick, but I am also very frustrated with him. He really needs to decide if he wants to play, but I think his intentions were made loud and clear by changing the time and location of his lone shot the NFL was probably going to give him. It is very unfortunate for Kaepernick, who has been wrongfully faded away from being a quarterback in this league.

Overall with injuries and bad players, there is no way that there are 32 better NFL quarterbacks than Kaepernick. He deserves to play on a team again with his talent, and most agree. It will ultimately come down to the trust issues between Kaepernick and the NFL, but it will be a tough bridge to rebuild. If he wants to play again, he’ll build it right back up. If not, he’ll continue to pour more gasoline on the fire of the burning bridge and the disintegration of his playing career.

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