Public webinar to educate on potential COVID-19 immunization

Dr. Keith English

Photo courtesy of MSU

Akasha Khalsa

An upcoming webinar which is part of a recent series on public health during COVID-19 will be entitled “Immunizations and Respiratory Infections: Pertussis, Influenza and COVID-19.” This lecture is part of the Your Health Lecture Series put on by Michigan State University (MSU) and other educational partners in the state of Michigan.

In this talk, Dr. Keith English, chair of MSU’s Department of Pediatrics and of the RAIND Internal Advising Committee, will speak about the importance of immunizations in relation to the respiratory infections pertussis, also known as whooping cough, influenza and COVID-19.

Pertinent to many of the anxieties plaguing everything during the COVID-19 pandemic, these topics aim to educate on the potential for immunization against the COVID-19 virus. For those curious about the difficulties and complexities of creating immunizations for respiratory illnesses, English’s expert perspective will be provided.

The webinar will take place on zoom and will be hosted at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 14. All of the lectures in the series are free and open to the public. Prospective attendees can register for the lecture here.

Past lectures in the series can be accessed at the MSU Your Health Lectures site, as well as information on future scheduled talks. 
The My Health Lectures Series was created in conjunction with the co-sponsorship of Northern Michigan University, U.P. Health System-Marquette, the Superior Health Foundation, Lake Superior State University and the MSU College of Human Medicine.