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Editorial—COVID-19 rates in Marquette concerning

Editorial—COVID-19 rates in Marquette concerning

North Wind Staff September 30, 2021
If there’s any hope of convincing a campus community that’s become tired of the constant reminders and pleas for caution, we would like to try. Please, make it a personal goal to continue to wear your mask correctly, even in the grocery store or in social gatherings. Don’t go to class if you feel ill. Again, COVID-19 is still here. We’ve talked about it enough, we know how to combat it. At this point, a year and a half later, it’s just a matter of discipline.
Opinion—Trouble finding your size? Blame vanity sizing

Opinion—Trouble finding your size? Blame vanity sizing

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor September 23, 2021
Maybe there’s hope for sizing to become more reliable if companies are incentivized to do so by the growing return rates and increase in online shopping. I’m not sure there’s much hope for letting go of the value judgments connected to our size tags, but I just have to cross my fingers. If vanity sizing continues to dictate jean sizes, in future years I might be picking more horrifying 000 jeans off the rack.
Opinion—Heartbeat Bill violates rights of Texas women

Opinion—Heartbeat Bill violates rights of Texas women

Adan Mulvaney, contributing writer September 17, 2021
Getting an abortion is a deeply personal choice for a woman—and it’s also a form of healthcare. There are many things that can necessitate a woman’s need for an abortion: contraceptive failure, rape, incest, intimate crime violence, sickness for the duration of the pregnancy or health conditions so severe that the only option to save the mother’s life is to terminate the pregnancy. 
Dear North Wind, how do I get over my toxic ex?

Dear North Wind, how do I get over my toxic ex?

North Wind Staff September 10, 2021
We ‘broke up’ at the end of last semester, but were on and off again over the summer since we could barely go two days without talking to each other. A week ago she came to visit in person and it ended in a huge fight; we didn’t even say goodbye before she left. 
UPABA to hold caregiver webinars on behavior analysis

UPABA to hold caregiver webinars on behavior analysis

Akasha Khalsa April 22, 2021

Relatives and caregivers of individuals who might benefit from Applied Behavior Analysis will be provided an informational webinar series hosted by the Upper Peninsula Association of Behavioral Analysis....


Opinion—Searching for the life beyond the screen

Faith King April 16, 2021

As the academic year approaches its end, final papers, projects and presentations are beginning to appear on our seemingly endless to-do lists. Of course, this isn’t something specifically unique to...

mask smile

Opinion—Kindness around campus: smiling beneath the mask

Akasha Khalsa April 8, 2021

While necessary for protection against COVID-19, masks seem to force a sense of anonymity. Not just because they hide more than half of the recognizable features of the face, but also because they conceal...

no distance

Editorial—With COVID-19 cases up, don’t let the weather lower your precautions

North Wind Staff April 7, 2021

As the weather is warming, and people start feeling the freedom to go out in short sleeves, hammock on campus and gather with friends, it is especially important to remain conscious of COVID-19 safety. Marquette...

Sam Rush/NW

ASNMU showcases ‘Health Week’ for students and faculty

Ayanna Allen March 11, 2021

Beginning on March 22, Health Week, a program put on by ASNMU, will highlight different health topics each day of the week. Health Week will discuss topics ranging from male health to dietary health....

spaghetti squash bowls

Cooking with Maggie: Preparing spaghetti squash bowls

Maggie Duly October 12, 2020

Scrap the pasta noodles and the ceramic bowls, this dish has everything all wrapped up in one vegetable.  Spaghetti squash is a seasonal vegetable that is most popular and accessible in the fall...

Dr. Keith English

Public webinar to educate on potential COVID-19 immunization

Akasha Khalsa October 7, 2020

An upcoming webinar which is part of a recent series on public health during COVID-19 will be entitled “Immunizations and Respiratory Infections: Pertussis, Influenza and COVID-19.” This lecture is...

Windows filled with snow

Editorial—Was removing Spring Break and extending Winter Break the right call?

Akasha Khalsa September 30, 2020

The university’s decision to alter the academic calendar for the Winter 2020 semester did not come as a surprise to many students. NMU announced that the new schedule will extend Winter Break to a length...

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