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HANDS IN THE DIRT — Hoop house student organization members harvest potatoes from one of the many plots in the hoop house. The excess produce harvested from the hoop house in donated to the NMU Food Pantry and is available to anyone to get fresh veggies.

Hoop house creates learning environment for students, by students

Katarina Rothhorn October 17, 2023

It’s 6 p.m. on a Tuesday evening and student responsibilities do not really seem to matter anymore. Music plays from speakers over the heads of students digging their hands into the soil to pull up potatoes...

BRAINSTORMING — NAE members attend their weekly meeting to share ideas and begin planning. Photo courtesy of Brianna Weaver

Student org spotlight — Northern Arts and Entertainment plans big-ticket entertainment

Amelia Kashian September 27, 2023

For many students, music and the arts are what allows them to flourish, whether they be involved in production or simply attending events. Northern Arts and Entertainment (NAE) is a student-run organization...

MAKESHIFT THEATER - Campus Cinema provides in-person theater experiences for NMU students in Jamrich 1100. Their line-up of movies include films still in theaters or recently released films at no cost to students.

Campus Cinema continues to show movies in-person

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor January 22, 2022

Even with most student organizations required to meet online for the month of January, Campus Cinema has been given permission to host in-person movie showings throughout the semester. After an email sent...

Reid Kenyon cleans out a garden bed of watermelon vines to prepare it for a new crop. Kenyon is one of the student volunteers helping keep the hoop house running and growing produce for the community to enjoy.

Hoop house grows produce for NMU Dining, prepares for winter

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor October 8, 2021

Every Sunday at 6 p.m. Cole Bonino dresses in work clothes and prepares to get her hands dirty while pulling weeds and turning compost. For Bonino and the handful of other students that join her, this...

Student Allies in Health starts caregiving opportunities for students

Student Allies in Health starts caregiving opportunities for students

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor September 24, 2021

Rachel Mitchell, senior nursing major, felt surprised by her peers as she tried to keep her flyers from blowing away on the wind and watched hundreds of students milling about the other colorful tables...

photo of Native American students around a fire circle

Spotlight on Native American Student Association

Katarina Rothhorn June 4, 2021

The Native American Student Association is an inclusive organization that strives to increase the appreciation and awareness of Native American culture, language and history, as well as provide support...

photo of participants carrying signs after Slut Walk

Spotlight on Women For Women

Katarina Rothhorn June 4, 2021

Women for Women is centered around intersectional feminism and activism, not only on campus but in the surrounding Marquette community. Their weekly meetings start off with the question “what are y’all...

Radio X logo

Spotlight on Radio X

Katarina Rothhorn June 4, 2021

NMU’s campus radio station, Radio X, is run by student and faculty volunteer DJs who can choose to broadcast music or simply talk during their hour-long time segment. DJs do not have to be majoring...

Swinging to the beat

Swinging to the beat

Rayna Sherbinow February 20, 2020

Whether you are interested in dancing or just looking to try something new, swing by a meeting of the NMU Swing Club. The club practices East Coast and Modern swing dancing. Beyond club meetings, the...

Connecting one breakfast at a time

Connecting one breakfast at a time

Rayna Sherbinow November 14, 2019

The Breakfast Club is a group for those who are looking for a group. The organization helps students find a place in the campus community by connecting them with other people. The process is simple....

Native American Student Organization

Student org spotlight

North Wind Staff October 18, 2018

At NMU, which rests on native land, the Native American Student Organization (NASA) educates and celebrates Native American heritage and culture year-round. “My favorite part of NASA is meeting friends...

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