UP Wild hosts hike in ‘Old Town’ Negaunee


Photo courtesy of Lanni Lantto

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

UP Wild will host their repeat event from last year, Hike the Lost City, to the public this Saturday. Participants will climb staircases that lead to non-existing homes, walk crumbling roads and see abandoned buildings in “Old Town” Negaunee. The event will begin at 10:30 a.m. in Jackson Miners Park at the West End of Main Street.

“The event will begin with a short reflection or prayer, followed by a walk along the deserted roads,” wrote Steve Pelto, missioner for communications, in the event’s press release statement.

Participants will learn about local history, see how nature has reclaimed the space and offer a prayer at the mouth of the cave where the workers descended into the mine.

“For many people who grew up around the U.P., this may actually be their first time going into a caving grounds,” wrote Pelto. “It is sure to be a memorable experience that will bring a new and personal understanding of local history to the participants.”

Retired local educators Wayne Finman and Ken Kelley will join participants on the hike to help bring history to life with stories and information at different stops along the old streets.

UP Wild encourages those who come on Saturday to bring a friend and be ready to learn about the history of Negaunee and the mining history of the area. Pre-registration is required for the event and those interested can register through their website.