Civic engagement skillbuilder postponed

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor

When ASNMU President Bethany Beavers was running for her position in April, her main platform was increased civic engagement opportunities and engagement. Students suggested she host a skillbuilder on the topic and now one month into her term as ASNMU president, she is putting this idea into action.

Her original Making Your Voice Heard skillbuilder was planned to be held on Tuesday, Sept. 28 in Jamrich. That skillbuilder has now been postponed until October so one of Beavers’ guest speakers, BOT member Jason Morgan, can hopefully attend. 

The skillbuilder will focus on ways students can get involved in their community and help shape it into a better place for everyone to live using productive and nonviolent methods, said Beavers. 

“I ran on the issue of promoting civic engagement accessibility, especially because the younger generation of people are the future of the world but also of their communities,” Beavers said. “It’s super important for them to build a world and community they enjoy.”

She also hopes to expand students’ knowledge of what civic engagement can be. 

“A lot of people see civic engagement and think it starts and ends with voting,” Beavers said. “In reality, there are things people can do every day to idealize their communities. I also hope to talk about protesting non-violently and how to organize things of this nature.”

Sophomore political science major Gwen Feamster is planning on attending this event and is looking forward to learning about more ways to get involved in Marquette. 

“I always like to share my opinion and perspectives on things, and I have always liked getting involved with the community through service or civil engagement,” Feamster said. “I’m hoping to learn how to get involved within the Marquette community. I don’t really have any organizations I work with up here yet and I would like to learn what there is.”

Community service and getting involved with groups around the Marquette area is a great way for students to start making positive change. 

“I think making your voice heard and getting involved within the community is how we make people’s lives better,” Feamster said. “Using your voice to stand up for others along with getting into the community to back your voice is necessary to make change.”

This article will be updated as soon as the new date for the Making Your Voice Heard skillbuilder is confirmed.