Latinx Student Union holds cultural appropriation panel


Graphic courtesy of Latinx Student Union

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

Northern Michigan University’s Latinx Student Union will be holding a panel discussing the differences between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. 

The panel will consist of students from many different backgrounds. David Mendez Cruz, Rosie Brito, Diana Antonio, Zyon Costaad and Kateri Phillips will answer questions about cultural appreciation and appropriation during the panel.

The panel will be held tonight at 7 p.m. in Jamrich room 1318. 

Antonio, co-president of Latinx Student Union and junior biochemistry and Spanish major, said that she is looking forward to learning and hearing about everyone’s cultural experiences from the panel and that attendees will be able to do the same.

“Attendees can learn many things but we are hoping attendings will learn the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation and understanding why cultural appropriation can be harmful,” Antonio said. 

With Halloween coming up, Antonio said that this conversation is important to have. 

“The panel will create a non-hostile environment for students to answer questions about their cultural experiences,” Antonio said. “Which is something we believe to be very important since it is a great way for people to learn and understand about cultural appreciation/ appropriation. 

Antonio said that the exploitation of cultures through costumes during Halloween and how people can stop the spread of this will be discussed during the panel.

“One way is education, which can be done in many different ways. This is also one reason why we will be hosting the panel,” Antonio said. “We believe that by educating the public on these issues we can inform them of why this shouldn’t be allowed.”

Anyone is welcome to attend the panel and those who cannot attend can look forward to Nov. 1 when LSU will show a display in the library atrium explaining the Day of the Dead and its cultural significance. 

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Meetings are held every Thursday at 5 p.m. in Harden Hall room 311.