The New England Center for Children recruits students for job, internship opportunities


Photo courtesy of New England Center for Children

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

Northern Michigan University students who are looking for job and internship opportunities can look towards The New England Center for Children.

NECC is a leading autism center and research institute that is committed their mission of creating a global network of educators, researchers and programs so those living with autism may live fuller lives.

“We provide effective, evidence-based educational services to children with autism, using ABA to help children with autism reach their greatest potential,” Molly Kantrowitz, human resources college recruiter for NECC, said.

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, Career Services hosted an event for students to come and ask questions regarding the NECC and explore job and internship opportunities that were offered.

During the information session, Kantrowitz provided an overview of NECC and program areas. The second half consisted of upcoming job openings and internships and the benefits that came with those opportunities such as free graduate school, vacation time and the chance for growth and advancement.

“It is important for us to make connections with students who are interested in the field of autism education,” Kantrowitz said. “One of our most effective recruiting methods is going on-site to share info about NECC and talk to college students about our open positions and about what a position in the field entails.”

Kantrowitz said that students benefit from making a personal connection with recruiters and getting access to information about the jobs and the application process.

“We tend to hire a lot of students who come from a psychology or education background, but that is absolutely not a requirement,” Kantrowitz said. “We are open to applicants from any majors.”

Those who were unable to attend Tuesday’s event can email NECC at [email protected] for more information. A recruiter will then get in contact with information about NECC.