Upcoming semesters course registrations opens March 25

Registering for the upcoming semester doesn’t have to be stressful. Being prepared ahead of time can save yourself from the anxieties of getting all the classes you need.


Dreyma Beronja/NW

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Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

Upcoming semester registration is underway with summer semester registration having opened for all students and closing March 24.

Fall 2022 semester registration will open March 25 for graduates, post-baccalaureate, vocational and seniors.

“The designated registration date and time will be emailed to all currently enrolled students prior to registration,” the Office of the Registrar said. “The registration schedule is based on completed courses – earned hours. It does not include courses that students are enrolled in for the current semester.”

Registration for seniors will continue on Monday, March 28 and go as followed:

—Juniors: Monday, March 28 and Tuesday, March 29

—Sophomores: Tuesday, March 29 and Wednesday, March 30

—Freshmen: Wednesday, March 30 and Thursday, March 31

Registration blocks for sophomores, juniors and seniors are divided into groups of approximately 300 students per block based on students’ earned hours to determine which block with freshmen being divided into groups of approximately 200 said the Office of the Registrar.

“If more than 300/200 students have an equal number of earned hours, that group is further broken down into different registration periods using a random selection,” the Office of the Registrar said.

Before the students’ registration time and date, a hold is placed on their account. This specific hold is an assigned registration date hold. Other holds, however, that are on the account can affect registration.

Additional information on registration week and how to register for classes can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website. Students who have specific questions not found on the site are directed to contact the office or their advisor.